Toy Chest

This cake was for a baby shower and a toy chest was chosen for the theme. We tried to incorporate special elements/toys that represent the new parents. Mom-to-be is from Vermont so we definitely had to add a stuffed toy cow and a Vermont state sticker. The Dad-to-be is very much into aviation so a toy plane was also included. The entire chest is White Russian Cake. Everything is make and/or covered with tinted white and milk modeling chocolate.

Salt Creek School House

This cake was created for the Salt Creek District 48 175th Anniversary Celebration. We decided to duplicate on of the first school houses and some of the figure in very formal school clothing. I had a great time creating the fun expression of the children's faces. The base of the cake was 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 butter yellow cake. The school house was made out of marbled chocolate and yellow cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling for the entire cake. All elements were created out of tinted and milk chocolate. So much fun to create!! Check out this article about the event!

University of Colorado Grad Cake

This cake was for a recent grad from the University of Colorado. The school's mascot is a buffalo named Chip. Chip is being consoled by the graduate (Jason) while they both look through the economic section of the Wall Street Journal. We used the colors of the school for the color scheme of the cake.

Orchid Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was for a couple who loved the idea of pink orchids on the cake. A stylized "W" was also incorporated into the design of the cake. The cake was pink champagne with passion fruit buttercream filling.

Hello Kitty II !

This cake was created for a young lady who loves Hello Kitty and Chanel designs. The head of the kitty as created out of crispy treat and the body was cake.

Bow & Butterflies

This pretty little cake was for a baby shower. The floral design mimics the pattern on the bedding for the new baby girl. The bedding also had butterfly applique so I decided to take that element and make it 3D and have a trail of them cascading down and around the cake. The cake was white chocolate with strawberry buttercream filling. Bow and butterflies created out of fondant. Cake covered with and flower cutouts made of tinted white modeling chocolate.

Oh No, Santa!

Santa had a little bit of trouble! He became all tangled in the holiday lights!! I love to create tongue and cheek themed for caked. All elements were created out of tinted white and milk chocolate modeling chocolate. The lights were the micro lights used for miniature Christmas trees found in craft stores.

Pink High Heels

I had so much fun creating these pretty little shoes! They are pink high heels with a little flower and pearl embellishment. They are sitting on a flower cut out that mimics the flower on the shoe. The shoes were created out of fondant and brushed with luster dust.

Springtime Cupcakes

Cupcakes for a 50th birthday luncheon. We decided to go with a nice springtime theme and color palette. All decorations created out of tinted white modeling chocolate.


This cake was for a gentleman who has a passion for snowmobiling. One of his favorite places to go snowmobiling is in Michigan so we definitely had to make the cake in the shape of the state.


This cake was ordered for a birthday girl who did not have the large formal wedding. She also never had the big wedding dress so her husband wanted to surprise her with a wedding dress cake! He gave me the option to to design the dress which was so much fun!! The cake was white chocolate with vanilla bean buttercream filling. Cake was covered with white modeling chocolate.

Pink Princess Castle

A very popular theme for little girls -- the very pink castle with a princess! The princess was fashioned after the birthday girl. Cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercrem filling.

Engagement Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for an engagement party at the Ivy Restaurant in Wheaton. What a beautiful place! My client wanted to incorporate the ivy theme and two rings as a design on the cupcakes. There were six different varies of cupcakes -- chocolate with cookies 'n cream filling and vanilla bean buttercream topping; butter yellow cupcake with fresh strawberry filling and strawberry buttercream topping; white chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache filling and milk chocolate buttercream topping; Kahlua red velvet cupcake with caramel cheesecake filling and vanilla bean cream cheese topping; vanilla cupcake with lemon curd filling and vanilla bean buttercream topping; and banana cupcake with butterscotch filling and caramel buttercream topping.

Champagne Bottles

The cake was created for the organization Icing Smiles which I am a contributing baker. Check it out! This a fantastic non-profit organization that helps families with chronically ill children. The champagne bottles were poured from tinted chocolate and topped with gold leaf, the labels were duplicated. The cake was chocolate port with cherry marscapone filling.