Jukebox cake for a surprise 50th birthday party. The theme was the 50's so records were added to spell out happy birthday. Unfortunately, the photo does not show the wood grain which was created for the exterior of the cake to try to give it an authentic jukebox look. Cake was covered entirely with milk chocolate and embellished with white chocolate -- chocolate aroma everywhere :- ) ! Cake was marbled yellow and chocolate with vanilla buttercream filling.


This cake was created for an outdoor bridal shower with the theme of fall and falling leaves. Large leaf was painted on with food color and falling leaves were added to created a mix media feel to the cake. Cake was white with lemon filling and chocolate with raspberry filling.

Dallas Cowboys Football

A surprise birthday "cake" was ordered for a Dallas Cowboys Football fan! Football was covered with milk chocolate and gloves were created out of white chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder to give dimension and the dirty effect. Cake was placed on "turf" to created an authentic football feeling. Dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling.


"A Bug's Life" was the theme for this little boy's 2nd birthday party. Flik is his favorite character so we went with a flat design created out of tinted white chocolate. Cake was dark chocolate with cookies 'n cream filling -- a favorite of the client.


Created this cake for a couple celebrating their 33th anniversary. The husband wanted to surprise his wife with a special cake that represented her love of quilting. Marbled pink champagne cake with milk chocolate buttercream filling.


Drunken Leprechaun

Made this beer mug for a 21st birthday and decided it needed a little leprechaun who had way too many. "Peanuts" were added for visual interest. All elements were created out of tinted white chocolate except for the "foam" on top of the mug which was fondant. Cake was dark chocolate with Irish Cream buttercream filling.


Created this communion cake awhile back but wanted to post it to show the stained glass effect that can be achieved with white chocolate. Each "piece of glass" was hand made using different tones of pink and ivory colored chocolate which was then given a marble effect. I was very and pleased with how the cake turned out and so was the client! The cake was white cake with raspberry filling.


Pea Pod Twins

Two peas in a pod theme is very popular this year. My second cake with the theme in less than a month. I do love to make the pea babies! This cake was created for a baby shower for twin boys. Client chose yellow cake with milk chocolate buttercream for half and strawberry fruit filling for the other half.


FIA Golf Cart

This was one big "convertible" golf cart! It was created to serve 125 for an event at Seven Bridges Golf Course. The cake or cart was yellow and chocolate cake covered with white chocolate. The golf bag and wheels were crispy treat also covered with tinted white chocolate. I tried to make as many little details as possible.

Two Peas in a Pod Topper

Created this cupcake topper tower top cake for twins celebrating their first birthday. Love the little pea babies (a boy and a girl)! Worked with Rose who supplied the cupcakes for the celebration. The whole tower with both cupcakes and cake looked great!

Claddagh Anniversary

Created an anniversary cake for a couple celebrating 25 years together. Both have an Irish heritage so the Claddagh ring was chosen for the design. Bottom tier was chocolate with raspberry filling, middle was yellow with Irish cream buttercream filling, and top tier was chocolate with Irish cream buttercream filling. Ring was created out of grey tinted chocolate and brushed with silver luster dust.

Bunny Topper

Created a duplicate of a beloved stuffed animal that the birthday girl treasures. Marble cake with vanilla buttercream.

Three Baby Dinos

Created an Ice Age 3 themed cake for a birthday boy who loved the three little dinosaurs from the movie. Each dinosaur was created out of chocolate and brushed with copper and yellow luster dust.