Hockey Puck

It's a giant puck! The cake was created for hockey and Chicago White Sox fans. Hockey sticks were placed behind the Sox logo for a two for one sports themed cake. Cake was white cake with strawberry buttercream filling. Happy Father's Day!!!


This wedding cake was created with the painting technique using tinted chocolate and then placing the design after it hardened onto the cake. The bride chose a paisley pattern in plum with lime green accents. The middle tier has an open paisley with the bride and groom's initials inside of it. All three tiers were dark chocolate with milk chocolate buttercream filling except on filling layer in the middle tier was replaced with raspberry filling.

Baseball Hats

Two separate groom's cakes created for the true baseball fan. The Sox's hat is a longtime favorite of the groom and the bride wanted it duplicated as much as possible which is why it has a dirty look to it. The second groom's cake was created for a Cub's fan with extra dirt on home plate. Sox's base cake was carrot cake with cream cheese filling and the hat was yellow cake with vanilla butterceam filling. Cub's base and hat were both yellow cake with milk chocolate buttercream filling. Both hats were covered with tinted white chocolate. Dirt was crushed graham crackers.

Daisies and Buttterflies

This cake was created for a company party that was also the wife of the host's birthday. A different shade of marbled yellow tinted white chocolate were used to cover each tier. Fondant daisies and chocolate leaves with simple fondant butterflies adorn each tier. White cake with milk chocolate buttercream filling.

Amelia's Books

This cake was created for a little girl's birthday party with the theme as "come as your favorite character from a book." The "book" cake colors were chosen to coordinate with the party color scheme.


John's "Non-Cake"

A surprise Groom's Cake with no cake! :- ) This "cake" was created for my client as a complete surprise for her soon-to-be son in-law with all his favorite and memorable characters/objects in his life. Hunting is a passion of his so we decided to create a few animals taunting him from the river bank. Lots and lots of little details for the Groom to look at. All elements were created out of tinted white chocolate along with the Groom (in the boat) which was created with a mixture of fondant and tinted white chocolate. Boat shell was created out of tinted fondant. Rice crispy treat was used for the river banks. No cake was used due to the fact it was to be shown at two separate events.


Dots, Bow and Pacifier

Created this cake for a baby shower. Coordinated cake colors to match the invitation. Love the color combination!! Cake was red velvet with vanilla buttercream filling. Not one of my better picture taking efforts but my client was kind enough to share one of hers. :- )

Tae Kwon Do

This cake represents three brothers that were testing for new belts in Tae Kwon Do. The plaque on the top has the symbol of inner strength.


Created this graduation cake for a graduate of Naperville Central which the red and white on the bottom tier represents, and future University of Illinois student which the blue dots and orange bow represents. We decided on a little Lizzie figurine (the graduate) for the top. Bottom tier was dark chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling, and top tier was white cake with vanilla buttercream filling.