Meatball Pizza

This meatball pizza cake was created for a client who surprised her husband with a party at his favorite pizza restaurant -- Lou Malnatis'. Meatball pizza is a one of his favorite kinds so that had to be the theme for the cake. He is also a dark chocolate lover so I made the "meatballs" out of dark chocolate truffles and made them very ugly as to resemble meatballs. The crust was a combination of dark and white chocolate; the tomato sauce was tinted white chocolate; and the cheese was white chocolate painted with brown and golden yellow food coloring. The cake was dark chocolate with cookies 'n cream filling and chocolate fudge buttercream -- chocolate lover's delight!

Wonder Pets

Wonder Pets was the theme for a first birthday party for a little girl. I was given the invitation which had all three pets and I matched the design style of the graphic for the cake. All design elements were created out of white and milk chocolate.

The Saxophone

This cake was for a young man who plays the saxophone and his favorite piece to play is "The Washington Post" which is printed on rice paper under the saxophone. Gold luster dust was used to create the metallic look of the saxophone.


This cake was created for a little lady's fourth birthday party. The theme was "The Princess and the Frog." The cake's color scheme matched the party supplies that my client found and fell in love with. I must say, I too love the colors!

Wyatt's Ducky

This cake was for a little boy's 3rd birthday and he just loves yellow duckies right now. So I created this yellow ducky for him and added fun simple shapes for his cake. The cake was dark chocolate with cookies 'n cream filling.


Pappy's Pup

This cake was created for my client's husband who so wants to have a golden retriever pup. Since they are not able to have a dog at this time, she thought it would be fun for him to have one on his cake. He is also a true chocolate lover so the cake was dark chocolate with chocolate fudge filling and also covered with milk chocolate buttercream. Doggy was created out of white and milk chocolate.



This cake was ordered by my client for his wife's surprise 40th birthday party. We decided to incorporate her two loves (besides her husband of course) which are the band "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" and the musical "Phantom of the Opera." The top hat layer is butter yellow cake with milk chocolate buttercream covered with dark milk chocolate modeling clay. The band logo was painted on fondant with edible colors and the "40" was also created out of fondant. The bottom layer was also butter yellow cake with milk chocolate buttercream filling covered with fondant which was draped around to created the curtain effect of the stage. The Phantom mask was formed out of fondant.

Lucky Leprechan

This cake was for a birthday party for a gentleman who always said he had a little leprechaun hidden away in his house so I definitely needed to put that leprechaun on the cake and make it resemble the birthday boy. Various names were added to the cake under which the birthday boy goes by. The cake was dark chocolate with milk chocolate buttercream filling.


Twin Babies on Mattress

Two (oh so cute) babies sleeping on a mattress...counting sheep. I love to make this cake! The mattress cake was placed on a "base" that was also cake. The base cake was chocolate with strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries; the box spring cake was butter yellow cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling; and the mattress cake was butter yellow cake with lemon filling. Sheep were crispy rice treated covered with white chocolate. All details (babies, blanket, etc.) were created out of white and milk chocolate. Bow was created out of fondant and then brushed with luster dust. Base was covered with marbleized milk, dark and white chocolate.

Pink Castle

This cake was created for a birthday girl who was having a princess-themed party! We created a little platform on the top for the client to add her own favorite princess topper. Butter yellow cake with strawberry buttercream filling was chosen to carry through the pink theme!

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster was created for the birthday boy who of course loves him! A real chocolate chip cookie was used for the large cookie and a cookie crisp-type cereal was used for the little ones. Chocolate cake with cookies 'n cream filling was chosen for cake. Cookie Monster was created out of tinted white chocolate.

Pea Baby Topper

Sweet little pea baby topper was created for a baby shower. Baby boy blue was chosen color! Cake was butter yellow with fresh strawberry filling.

Mardi Gras

This cake was for a client who's birthday fell on Mardi Gras, so we definitely needed to go with that theme. Traditional Mardi Gras colors of green and purple were used along with gold beads. The mask was created out of fondant and embossed with a design. It was then "painted" and highlighted with gold luster dust. The feather was added for color and fun!

Thomas Trains

These two cakes were for the same birthday boy who was having two separate parties, one for the family and one for the friends. The family cake we created a "flat design/2D" effect, and the friend party we created the 3D effect.

Pink & Black

This was for a "sweet 16" birthday party. The birthday girl choose a pink and black color scheme for her cake. Fondant bow with dragee center pin were added to make it extra special.

The Mouse

This cake was for a surprise birthday party for a gentleman who has been a fan of the mouse since he was little boy. As a joke, the mouse is sporting a cig. The mouse was created out of crispy treat and covered with tinted white chocolate.