This wedding cake was inspired by a photo that the bride and groom provided. The color scheme was navy blue, white and sliver which I love for this time of year. Applique fondant white flowers and leaves were brushed with pearl luster lust and sliver dragees were added to the centers. Cake was red velvet cake with Irish cream buttercream, almond cake with milk chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling.

Ballet Shoes

This sweet cake was to celebrate the performance of dancer that was in a production of the Nutcracker. Cutout ballet shoes of tinted white chocolate then were "painted" with two different tones of pink luster dust.


Birthday Girls!

This cake was to combine birthdays for two ladies who have been close friends since childhood. Each birthday girl is shown doing something that they were involved with from an early age -- playing the piano and twirling the baton. The cake is the "wooden" base which is dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered with milk chocolate. The piano is also cake without filling but covered with tinted white chocolate. Each birthday girl is also created out of chocolate. I love the expression of the piano player -- totally into her music!!

Monkey Ship!

This pirate ship mimics a popular party invitation that has a pirate ship in shades of blue with a monkey captain and parrot as firstmate! I have created this cake a couple times but not in three--I'm very please at the outcome! Boat is tinted white chocolate which covered a marbled cake of yellow and chocolate. Monkey and parrot were both created out of chocolate with the sail made out of fondant.


This cake was a "flat" design for a two year-olds favorite friend, Elmo! The birthday boy name is Spiro so my client suggested that we put "brought to you by the letter S and the number to 2" to mimic the ending of each Sesame Street show. Very clever!! Nose and eyes were three dimensional, body was two dimensional. Cake was white cake with tiramisu filling -- yum!