Mini Cameras

Miniature cameras, lens and flashes were created for the tops of these cupcakes. Cupcakes were Boston Creme Cupcakes hence the ooey-gooey chocolate topping!

Three for One!

A birthday cake representing three siblings in one birthday cake. Pool party was the theme!

LA Lakers/Staple Arena

A retirement cake for a gentleman who taught for 41 years!! He favorite team is the LA Lakers so we decided to use that for the theme of the cake. An edible crispy treat basketball sits on top of the Staples Arena with a duplicate of the team's jersey with the honoree's name on the back.

Pea Baby III

Baby in pea pod themed baby shower cake was created with a pink and brown color scheme in mind. Mom-to-be requested the baby in the pea pod so we were more than happy to do that for her. Cake was white chocolate with cookies 'n cream filling.


Graduation cake for a grad heading off to University of Wisconsin. School logos were used to design the cake.