Bridal shower cake using the main wedding color which was silver. My client gave me creative freedom so this is what I came up with. All elements made out of white chocolate. Cake is covered with tinted white chocolate and brushed with silver and pearl luster dust. Bottom layer is chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, top layer yellow cake with vanilla buttercream.

Zebra Stripes

Client requested a zebra print cake with hot pink ribbon for her daughter's sweet 16. White cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Covered with tinted white chocolate and bow made out of fondant.


Rubber Ducky

The theme of the baby shower was "yellow rubber ducky" so a rubber ducky in a tub was chosen for the cake. Client supplied me with photo of what she wanted. Duck is entirely sculpted out of cake and covered with tinted white chocolate; barrel is covered with milk chocolate. Duck cake and barrel cake both white chocolate cake with strawberry/banana buttercream filling. Bubbles and soap also white chocolate with pearl luster dust with a hint of blue luster dust.


Million Dollars!

Created as a surprise for a birthday boy turning 40! His wife wanted to to have stacks of hundred dollar bills with gold bouillon on top. Hundred dollar bills made out of rice paper and placed on "cake" stacks of money and gold bouillon made out of chocolate and brushed with gold/yellow luster dust.

Christian Louboutin Shoe

My client supplied me with a photo of a similar cake and wanted it duplicated for her special occasion. Shoe box is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered with milk chocolate and fondant "tissue." Shoe has a gum paste sole and heel with the remaining elements made out of tinted white chocolate.



Created a graphic design of Minnie Mouse for a birthday girl who loves her! Dark chocolate cake with cookies 'n cream buttercream filling.


Created for a surprise 40th birthday party! The birthday girl loves music so we included her guitar. All elements were created out of tinted white chocolate. One of the few times I made a buttercream covered cake!