FIA Golf Outing

My client ordered cupcake tower (available for rental at www.rosepetalscakery.com) for a golf outing for 180. Each cupcake has a golf themed decoration along with the top "cake" which was a gopher! Caddy Shack! The gopher was crispy treat covered with chocolate, and texture was added to create the look of fur. Fun!!


Bailey & Macy

This cake (yes, there is cake here!) was created as a groom's cake. The wedding couple have two beloved dogs that were unable to attend so as a surprise the dogs were to be duplicated in cake! : ) My client was driving the cake over an hour away so we decided to go with a safe position for the dogs to travel -- sleeping! Crispy treat was used for the heads and the remainder was dark chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. The cake was covered with tinted white chocolate, and a chocolate/fondant mixture. Love the eye peaking open!

Oktoberfest Beer & Diapers Baby Shower

I have been told this is a common theme for baby showers in southern Illinois -- anywhere else, I'm not sure. The men bring beer for the dad-to-be and the women bring diapers for the mom-to-be. Hardly seems right, I think the mom-to-be should receive jewels and such if going that route! The "Bay-bee" (said with a southern drawl!) was created out of crispy treat and covered with tinted chocolate. The bulls eye on it's belly was a inside joke for the parents. Barrel was covered with chocolate fondant. Cheese and pretzels created out of milk and white chocolate with sugar crystals on pretzels represent salt.

"The Sponge"

It's the "Sponge"! I usually don't make these types of cakes but who can resist the "Sponge"! Covered with fondant and chocolate combination with milk chocolate "pants".


This was a surprise 40th birthday cake for a gentleman who loves the beach and his family. His favorite beer was included along with the thoughts of warm breezes and sandy beaches!

Beach Engagement Cake

This cake was created to match the couples "Honeymoon" bank. Mini Corona beers were requested to be placed in a bucket by the chairs.

Belly Cake lll

Another very fun belly cake!! This cake duplicated the image on the baby shower invitation which showed the mom-to-be making a heart over her belly with her hands. Yellow duckies were also part of the shower theme so we incorporated them into a bracelet. Cake was covered with tinted white chocolate with a few fondant elements. Love that bellybutton piercing!!


This engagement cake was created with the wedding announcement in mind which was platinum, pearl, interlocking hearts. "Puffy" hearts were created by accident when the oven was turned on when the fondant was placed in it to dry. Love it when those things happen!!


This wedding cake was created for a couple who love cutting edge design. The bride is a graphic artists who designed their wedding invitations which included the images of love birds. She created the love bird toppers which very much complimented the cake. The colors were chartreuse, plum and gray. Love it!!

Kevin's Baby Mouse

Cake was make to coordinate with party invitation. Design was cut from tinted white chocolate.

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

This cake was for a couple that had gotten married in the Caribbean and had a family reception when they returned. Cake has layers gradating from light to dark with shells, coral, and pearls created out of white and milk chocolate. Turquoise blue luster dust was used to highlight the shells.

Sweet Sixteen Movie Theme

This cake was for a young ladies "sweet 16" birthday party with the movie theme. We decided we had to reference "Sixteen Candles" for this cake.