This wedding cake was inspired by a photo that the bride and groom provided. The color scheme was navy blue, white and sliver which I love for this time of year. Applique fondant white flowers and leaves were brushed with pearl luster lust and sliver dragees were added to the centers. Cake was red velvet cake with Irish cream buttercream, almond cake with milk chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling.

Ballet Shoes

This sweet cake was to celebrate the performance of dancer that was in a production of the Nutcracker. Cutout ballet shoes of tinted white chocolate then were "painted" with two different tones of pink luster dust.


Birthday Girls!

This cake was to combine birthdays for two ladies who have been close friends since childhood. Each birthday girl is shown doing something that they were involved with from an early age -- playing the piano and twirling the baton. The cake is the "wooden" base which is dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered with milk chocolate. The piano is also cake without filling but covered with tinted white chocolate. Each birthday girl is also created out of chocolate. I love the expression of the piano player -- totally into her music!!

Monkey Ship!

This pirate ship mimics a popular party invitation that has a pirate ship in shades of blue with a monkey captain and parrot as firstmate! I have created this cake a couple times but not in three--I'm very please at the outcome! Boat is tinted white chocolate which covered a marbled cake of yellow and chocolate. Monkey and parrot were both created out of chocolate with the sail made out of fondant.


This cake was a "flat" design for a two year-olds favorite friend, Elmo! The birthday boy name is Spiro so my client suggested that we put "brought to you by the letter S and the number to 2" to mimic the ending of each Sesame Street show. Very clever!! Nose and eyes were three dimensional, body was two dimensional. Cake was white cake with tiramisu filling -- yum!


Sox-Themed 40th

This cake was for a surprise birthday party for a true White Sox fan. His wife wanted to incorporate some of his loves (besides her) which were the White Sox and Miller Lite beer. I couldn't pass up the chance to create a topsy-turvy cake with a beer mug spilling all down the side of the cake! The mug was formed out of crispy rice treat covered with tinted white chocolate and fondant for the overflowing foam. The bottom layer was the birthday boys favorite, carrot cake with cream cheese filling and the top layer was dark chocolate with vanilla bean buttercream filling.


Created this cake for a birthday girl who loves dolphins. Each dolphin was shaped out of crispy rice treat and then covered with tinted white chocolate. I wanted to make each dolphin swimming in a different postion to create the feeling of movement.



This cake was created for a baptism at the Morton Arboretum. Woodland creatures were used as the theme of the party. Each table had a wooden animal ornament for the table marker and beautiful fall flower arrangements included trailing ivy. I used all the elements to create the cake design which included a chipmunk, grey squirrel, hedgehog and a red cardinal. I truly enjoyed creating these chocolate critters -- especially the little chipmunk with fat cheeks full of berries. This has got to be one of my favorite cakes! The cake was spice cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling and covered with white chocolate.



My client wanted to surprise his daughter with a special cake for her 6th birthday. They love to watch the Cake Boss together so this was an extra special surprise for her. Two cake presents with a crispy rice treat bag. Cakes and bag were covered with tinted white chocolate with fondant bow and tissue paper. Dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling were the cake flavors.

The Ghan House

The cake was a recreation of the house the birthday girl (in yellow) lived in when she was growing up in Ireland. My client provided me with photos of the house and I duplicated it as close as possible. The house is a 18th century Georgian house so I tired to represent that in the cake -- nothing too straight or perfectly square. Cake was all butter rum cake with 1/2 caramel buttercream filling and 1/2 cream cheese filling. The cake was of The Ghan House, definitely on my list of places to visit! Thanks so much for sharing your photos Cara! :- )



This cake was created for a small wedding reception. Cake was dark chocolate with fresh strawberry filling and covered with white chocolate. The bow was made out of fondant and dragees were used to create a broach.


This cake was ordered by a client in Florida to surprise a special friend for her 21st birthday. Martini glass appliques were painted on fondant and three dimensional olives were added to complete the look. The cake was dark chocolate with raspberry filling covered with milk chocolate. Fresh orchids were used which the martini glasses were painted to coordinate with.


This cake was created for a surprise 40th birthday party for a guy who received a new guitar as a present so we had to duplicate it in cake! Guitar was full size with all the details. Love to make the wood grain! All elements created out of chocolate. Cake was dark chocolate with chocolate gnache and milk chocolate buttercream filling.


Jack's Pirate Ship

This very chocolaty cake as created to coordinate with the party invitation for a little boy's 3rd birthday party. The ship on the invitation had a cartoon-ish feel so I tried to duplicate that look. The pirate on the invitation also had a little boy look to it as well. I had to use actual fabric for the sail due to issues with fondant and humidity this past week. I rather like the look. The cake was yellow with milk chocolate buttercream filling and the whole cake was covered with milk chocolate.

Precious Moments Themed Cake

This cake was designed for a party for a little girl's baptism. A Precious Moments figure was the inspiration for the sweet little girl on top. I created her out of tinted white chocolate and I am very pleased the way she turned out. Cake was white chocolate with berry buttercream filling.


Scary Ghost

This scary ghost was created for a 11 year-old boy so lots of blood was used. Blood was tinted white syrup which creates a great drip effect. Cake was white chocolate and milk chocolate marbled cake with vanilla buttercream filling.


This baptism cake was designed to coordinate with my client's invitation design and color scheme. Cutout applique dots were used to duplicate the design. The cross on top was dusted with luster dust for a pearlized look. The cake was yellow cake with chocolate fudge buttercream filling and chocolate cake with chocolate fudge buttercream filling.

Soccer Ball

A fun soccer ball for a 9th birthday party. French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream was requested by the birthday girl. Cocoa powder was used to dirty up the ball and to create contrast.

Mz. Gina

This cake was for a surprise 30th birthday party. Party colors were black, sliver, white and purple accents which were then used for the color scheme of the cake. A sliver bow sat atop with a purple sugar gem and silver dragee broach. Cake was three different flavors, chocolate with raspberry filling, white chocolate with strawberry buttercream filling, and pink champagne with vanilla buttercream filling.

Thomas The Tank

A Thomas the Tank cake to serve 60. It was one big cake! Top engine was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and bottom wheel carriage was yellow with chocolate buttercream filling.



I was so pleased with how this cake turned out and how well it coordinated with the whole theme and look of the reception. Glass sugar tiles were made in shades of purple and fuchsia with gold leaf. Dome was painted with yellow/gold luster dust along with stenciling design which decorated the sides. Cake was spiced cake with pumpkin cream cheese filling and covered with white chocolate.
Created this surprise groom's cake for a Chicago Local 1 Ironworker. The buildings in the background represented buildings that the groom has worked previously on during his career. Cake was carrot cake with cream cheese filling -- the groom's favorite.

Construction Site

This cake was created to resemble a construction site and serve 125! It was a for a birthday party celebration for the founder of Westside Tractors which sells construction tractors. Cake was yellow with tiramisu filling, white chocolate with strawberry buttercream filling, and chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling. Cake was covered with a layer of milk chocolate. Tractors and rocks were created out of tinted white chocolate, dirt was crushed cookies and graham crackers.

Tractor Wedding Cake

This cake was created for a couple who had their wedding on a farm and loved the idea of an old rusty John Deere tractor as a topper. Pumpkins, bails of straw, apples in baskets, corn and fencing were added. All elements were hand crafted out tinted white chocolate with the tractor dusted with dark cocoa powder for the "dirty" effect.


Spooky House

Created this cake for a client that was having a Scooby Doo themed birthday party. Scooby, Shaggy and the gang were added by the client. Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling with tinted white chocolate covering the house. Milk chocolate rocks!



Jukebox cake for a surprise 50th birthday party. The theme was the 50's so records were added to spell out happy birthday. Unfortunately, the photo does not show the wood grain which was created for the exterior of the cake to try to give it an authentic jukebox look. Cake was covered entirely with milk chocolate and embellished with white chocolate -- chocolate aroma everywhere :- ) ! Cake was marbled yellow and chocolate with vanilla buttercream filling.


This cake was created for an outdoor bridal shower with the theme of fall and falling leaves. Large leaf was painted on with food color and falling leaves were added to created a mix media feel to the cake. Cake was white with lemon filling and chocolate with raspberry filling.

Dallas Cowboys Football

A surprise birthday "cake" was ordered for a Dallas Cowboys Football fan! Football was covered with milk chocolate and gloves were created out of white chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder to give dimension and the dirty effect. Cake was placed on "turf" to created an authentic football feeling. Dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling.


"A Bug's Life" was the theme for this little boy's 2nd birthday party. Flik is his favorite character so we went with a flat design created out of tinted white chocolate. Cake was dark chocolate with cookies 'n cream filling -- a favorite of the client.


Created this cake for a couple celebrating their 33th anniversary. The husband wanted to surprise his wife with a special cake that represented her love of quilting. Marbled pink champagne cake with milk chocolate buttercream filling.


Drunken Leprechaun

Made this beer mug for a 21st birthday and decided it needed a little leprechaun who had way too many. "Peanuts" were added for visual interest. All elements were created out of tinted white chocolate except for the "foam" on top of the mug which was fondant. Cake was dark chocolate with Irish Cream buttercream filling.


Created this communion cake awhile back but wanted to post it to show the stained glass effect that can be achieved with white chocolate. Each "piece of glass" was hand made using different tones of pink and ivory colored chocolate which was then given a marble effect. I was very and pleased with how the cake turned out and so was the client! The cake was white cake with raspberry filling.


Pea Pod Twins

Two peas in a pod theme is very popular this year. My second cake with the theme in less than a month. I do love to make the pea babies! This cake was created for a baby shower for twin boys. Client chose yellow cake with milk chocolate buttercream for half and strawberry fruit filling for the other half.


FIA Golf Cart

This was one big "convertible" golf cart! It was created to serve 125 for an event at Seven Bridges Golf Course. The cake or cart was yellow and chocolate cake covered with white chocolate. The golf bag and wheels were crispy treat also covered with tinted white chocolate. I tried to make as many little details as possible.

Two Peas in a Pod Topper

Created this cupcake topper tower top cake for twins celebrating their first birthday. Love the little pea babies (a boy and a girl)! Worked with Rose who supplied the cupcakes for the celebration. The whole tower with both cupcakes and cake looked great!

Claddagh Anniversary

Created an anniversary cake for a couple celebrating 25 years together. Both have an Irish heritage so the Claddagh ring was chosen for the design. Bottom tier was chocolate with raspberry filling, middle was yellow with Irish cream buttercream filling, and top tier was chocolate with Irish cream buttercream filling. Ring was created out of grey tinted chocolate and brushed with silver luster dust.

Bunny Topper

Created a duplicate of a beloved stuffed animal that the birthday girl treasures. Marble cake with vanilla buttercream.

Three Baby Dinos

Created an Ice Age 3 themed cake for a birthday boy who loved the three little dinosaurs from the movie. Each dinosaur was created out of chocolate and brushed with copper and yellow luster dust.


Caribbean Themed Cupcake Tower

Created the top cake for this very fun Caribbean themed party. Made the pirate stand on top of the cake with barrel behind with a whiskey bottle. Various bananas were thrown in for the heck of it! Cupcakes and tower was provided by Rose at Rose Petals Cakery. Wish I had a better picture -- he was so fun to create!!