Brandon's Trains

This cake was for a little boy who loves his trains. This favorite sits on top along with three of his other favorites. Cake was covered with tinted white chocolate along with all the details. The train on top was created out chocolate as well.


This cake was ordered by the birthday girls' daughters and was given to her at a surprise birthday luncheon at the Drake -- how fun!! The cake was butter yellow with harvest pumpkin buttercream filling. The cake was covered with milk chocolate, and the bow and flowers were created out of fondant Gold edible paint was used to to paint the bow to create the effect of silk shantung.


This cake was designed to coordinate with the party invitations. Lots of textures and embossing were used to add visual interest. Cake was 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate.

NYC Here We Come!

This cake was for a surprise for the birthday girl who was going to be taken to New York City by her friends as a surprise. Bright colors were requested for the cake along with a symbol that would represent NYC -- what better symbol that Miss Liberty! She was created out of crispy treats and covered with tinted white chocolate. She is also holding a mini birthday cake!

Sweet 16 Cupcakes

This cupcake tower was for a sweet 16 birthday party. The birthday girl wanted a lavender cake present with coordinating cupcakes. The box had a pearlized white damask pattern on the sides and the cupcakes had a damask pattern as well but with lavender luster dust on disks of white chocolate. Tulip liners were used for the cupcakes. Bow was created out of fondant and brushed with pearl luster dust.


This very chocolaty cake was designed by the birthday girl. I am assuming that M&M's were and are her favorite candy so the cake had to definitly reflect that! Cake was covered with milk chocolate and the bag "cake" on top was also covered with milk chocolate. Seven individual bags were added at the base of the cake to represent turning seven. Real candies were added as per the request of the designer. : ) The larger M&M characters were created out of tinted white chocolate. The cake was dark chocolate with chocolate fudge filling -- a chocolate lovers delight!!

Sarah's Castle

A pretty pink castle cake for a little girl turning 5! The cake was dark chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Embossing was added to the fondant bottom turrets. Leaves, yellow roses and rocks were added. Mini Sarah was added with pretty curls and pink headband!

Kathy's Boot!

This cake was for a lady who loves to go country line dancing. She had her birthday party at a local country-western dance club/watering hole so we had to duplicate her cowboy boots for the top of the cake. The boots were created out of crispy treats and covered with white chocolate. The top two layers were covered with tinted and white chocolate, and the bottom layer was covered with milk and dark chocolate. Cake was butter yellow, marble and milk chocolate -- all tiers were filled with milk chocolate butterceam.

Sweet 16!

Two sweet 16 young ladies with their zebra striped and hot pink cake. Kate and Lyndsey both celebrated their birthdays together and chose a black and white cake which means that there were two layers of dark chocolate and two layers of cake was white in each tier. Chocolate truffle filling was chosen for all the tiers, and white chocolate was used for the covering of the cake. Bright pink fondant was used for the bow with pink luster dusted added for sparkle. Large pink chocolate pearls were added for visual interest.

Carly Joy

This cake was for a recent Indiana University graduate (Go Hoosiers!!) We had "mini" Carly holding a psychology book and also wearing honor cords for graduating with honors!! A lacrosse stick was added to represent the sport she played. Cake was dark chocolate with caramel buttercream filling.


Honey & Music

This birthday cake was created in honor of the birthday boy's hobbies, playing the accordion and bee keeping! A curious combination for a cake but I think we pulled it off!! The "hive" was dark chocolate cake with chocolate fudge buttercream filling, and the accordion was crispy treats covered with tinted white chocolate.

Stevie Ray Vaughn

This birthday surprise cake was created for a die hard Stevie Ray Vaughn fan as a gift from his daughter. We chose to duplicate a publicity photo of Stevie sitting alone on a stage playing his guitar. The cake, dark chocolate with chocolate fudge buttercream, was under the "stage" which was covered with milk chocolate. Stevie was sculpted using tinted white and milk chocolate. I was extremely please with the way this cake turned out!

Super Heroes!

The cake was for a little girl's birthday who love the superheroes! Superman, Batman and Spiderman were all cut from tinted white chocolate and placed together on the top of the cake.

Katherine's Cup 'O Joe!

This cake was a surprise for the birthday girl who was having her golden birthday. Her favorite thing is a warm cup of coffee so the idea was to duplicate a cup as the cake. The cake was dark chocolate with chocolate fudge buttercream filling. The cup exterior was white chocolate and the top was chocolate ganache.